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Configure Serverov (2019-03-03)

Replication and backup of the virtual environment


Replication and backup of the virtual environment allow you to ensure the safety of data, as well as the rapid recovery of systems in the event of server failure.

If all data is stored on the same server , there is a high risk of data loss due to hard drive failure, user or system administrator errors, and so on. But when backup is performed, all data from virtual machines in parallel is stored elsewhere, on external storage. Even with a complete loss of the hard drive or the entire server information is not lost: it will be enough to copy data from another source. There is only one drawback to this solution - if problems arise, you need to spend some time to transfer information from another source to a backup server.

Eliminate the loss of time allows replication of the virtual environment. It provides specialized software Veeam Backup & Replication, designed for automatic backup. It is enough to configure it once, and everything will work without the intervention of a system administrator. For example, you can make every day at a certain time, all data from virtual machines are automatically duplicated to external storage. The program allows you to set a specific time for copying data, for example at night, when no employee performs any tasks. Veeam Backup & Replication works in conjunction with the VMware vSphere hypervisor or Microsoft Hyper-V, programs for creating virtual machines.

If the primary server breaks down, the replication software will automatically restore the virtual machine to the backup server. In fact, on the basis of the backup server, not only data backup is made, but also a full replica, a clone of the main server. This reduces the downtime, that is, the time interval between when everything broke and when it worked. Often, recovery of a virtual system occurs so quickly that ordinary users do not even notice the problems. In addition, the processes are performed automatically; no system administrator intervention is required.

Backup can be done locally on an external hard drive, as well as in the cloud. This will allow you to save important information in the event of a global problem - for example, server failure


Data integrity

Fast recovery of systems in the event of server failure

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