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Greg Nakano (2017-09-13)

happy birthday images artistic Before Karl could answer, he heard the front door slammed shut. How should he take care of Jessica, where he had to be at the office by eight? Elfriede Wohlfahrt drove the receiver to the ground. In panic, she ran into the bathroom and snapped the scissors. But when she wanted to cut off one of the grassy curls, she hit the blow. The hair did not cut off. As much as she tried, she could not even cut off a single hair. When Elfriede Wohlfahrt fainted, she was incredibly lucky that she did not hurt herself with the scissors or hit her head in the bathtub.

Christina had not even noticed how she had reached the nearby house of her mother. When no one sounded like a storm, she quickly slammed a window and climbed through the window. "Mom, Mom, where are you?" Mom, Mom, tell me something, please, where are you? " Kitchen No, Living room no, Bedrooms No. When Cristina saw her mother lying motionless birthday images on the floor mat in the bathroom, she was relieved and horrified at the same time. "Mom, Mom, what do you do for things? Mama, wake up!" Presently, she filled the toothpaste cup with cold water and poured it into her mother's face. "Mama, wake up, Mama, Mama, what do you do for things, why did you just paint your hair so horribly?" Then only one hysterical scream: "Mammmaaa happy birthday images artistic.

With all her might, Christina dragged her fat mother into the bedroom and hoisted the powerful but firm and pleasantly feminine body on the bed. When Elfriede Wohlfahrt finally awoke from the swoon, it was still half an eternity until she was sobbing, crying, screaming, trembling, shaking her daughter what had happened. Christina could not believe it. That was simply incomprehensible. Only when she tried to cut off a grass-green hair with the scissors she knew that her mother had not gone mad, and that she did not carry a bad joke with her. Christina was now close to losing her mind. That the hair was grass-green was perhaps still somehow to be understood - but it was absolutely impossible to cut off even a single hair, exceeded all imagination. Here forces were at work which could not be grasped with the human mind. happy birthday images artistic.

When Christina was past the bus stop like a madman, the disgusted pensioners could only shake their heads silently. What was going on today? The bus had long been ready, the bus driver had long lost patience, but no one looked. They stood helpless and lost, Ernst, Hans-Walter, Heinrich, and Adolf. There had never been such a thing. The retirement trip had been booked for weeks, the departure time had long been exceeded, but far and wide nobody was to be seen. happy birthday images artistic.

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