Emergence as a hypothesis: a study on nonintervention norm in emerging actors

The research aims to present theoretical considerations on the rising of international actors (states) in the international system and, its relation to the nonintervention international norms.

The Brazilian industry of small arms and light weapons

The recent growth of Brazilian industry of small arms and light weapons has been rather significant. Its millionaires flows and its increasing international visibility are just some of the implications of this industry growth, which goes beyond the profit margins of producers and national trade surpluses.

Antarctic International Cooperation

This research aims at mapping the patterns of international collaboration at the Antarctic Treaty System, from 1991 to 2014. Its main purpose is to identify and to assess in which degree sovereignty/national issues still prevail comparatively on this cooperative regional governance.

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More than 20 years empowering leading researchers and policy-makers in Latin America.

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In this 80th anniversary of the University of São Paulo, the International Relations Research Center (NUPRI), established itself for 26 years as a multidisciplinary research institution that conducts studies in areas relating to international relations such as: Organizations and International Institutions, Security and Defence, Regional Integration,  Transnational Actors  processes, International Economic Policy, International Cooperation, Internet and Democracy, and Foreign Policy.

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